The Sword in the Stone


The kingdom of England has, for years, remained divided. Wart, a measly servant knave, dreams of becoming a knight but is barely certain he may act as squire to castle lord Sir Ector's son Kay; then, the sorcerer Merlin and his grumpy, talking owl Archimedes invite themselves to the castle and move into its dilapidated north tower. Merlin, who can magically access the future, intends to prepare Wart for a grand future, so he gives the squirt dangerous lessons, transforming themselves into animals to learn the mental skills befitting a knight and a ruler. Since the once-renown magical sword in the stone that could confer the kingdom of all England unto one person (thus unifying it) has never been able to be withdrawn for years, a tournament in London is formed to designate a ruler instead. Kay is going to compete, but the rude, lout stands no chance.