Brokedown Palace


Alice and Darlene, friends since birth, have just finished high school. They are planning a summer vacation in Hawaii, but they hear Bangkok is even better. They leave... without telling their parents about the change in plans. Bangkok's fun, but they're not crazy about their $6 accommodation. They try for a swim at a luxury hotel, but then there's some trouble when it's time to pay for their drinks. They're rescued by a roving software consultant, Nick Parks, an Australian. Nick's a good guy, although he can't decide which girl he's after. He tells the pair that Hong Kong is great, and he's willing to exchange his first class plane ticket for three economy... The girls rush to catch their flight out. At the airport police arrive suddenly. The girls have heroin in their backpack... Darlene's father has no luck freeing the girls from prison, even when he looks for help from the local DEA agents. But there's a sleazy lawyer, Hank Green, who may be able to do something, for a price...