In 2074, it is possible to travel in time but also forbidden. However, when the criminal organizations want to kill someone, they send their victims to thirty years in the past where well paid hit men called "loopers" kill them and get rid of their bodies. When the mobsters decide to call off a contract with any killer they send him back to be killed by himself and close the loop. In 2044, in Kansas, Joe is one looper addicted in drugs. He learns that the powerful Rainmaker has assumed control of the criminal organizations and is closing all the loops. Soon Joe has to kill the "old" Joe but he is surprised and fails. Joe chases old Joe but the criminal Abe sends his killers to hunt him down. Joe meets old Joe that tells him that his beloved wife was killed by the Rainmaker's gang. Old Joe also tells that he has found three possible children that might be the Rainmaker in the future and he will kill them to protect his wife. However, they are found by the loopers and Joe flees and stumbles with Sara in her farm. She helps him and soon Joe discovers that her son Cid is the Rainmaker and he decides to protect them from the determined old Joe.