Blue Jasmine


The former socialite Jasmine travels from New York to San Francisco to stay in the simple house of her stepsister Ginger that lives with her two sons. Jasmine was married with the successful businessman Hal that felt in disgrace for being considered a crook and committed suicide in prison. Jasmine is completely broken and mentally unstable with recollection from her previous social life and uses anti-depressive along the day. Jasmine does not approve Ginger's boyfriend Chili that she considers a loser, the same feeling she had with Ginger ex-husband Augie. Jasmine has no profession to work and support herself and she accepts the position of receptionist in a dentist's clinic. When Jasmine is invited to a party, she asks Ginger to go with her. Ginger meets the sound engineer Al that she believes is a better catch than Chili. Meanwhile the gold-digger Jasmine meets the diplomat Dwight and she believes she will advance in her social position.