Gone in Sixty Seconds


Legendary car thief Randall "Memphis" Raines(Nicolas Cage) retired from the criminal life six years back. His brother, Kip Raines(Giovanni Ribisi) takes over "the job", employed by British car broker Raymond Calitri(Christopher Eccleston). When one night Kip messes up stealing some cars, Memphis gets called back to the life he got out of. His most impossible mission: Steal 50 exotic cars all over Los Angeles and Long Beach in just one night and deliver them to Long Beach Harbor, Pier 14 by 8:00am, Friday morning, on the button, or never see his brother again. And so Memphis and Kip, with the help of longtime friend Otto Halliwell reassembles his old crew which includes sexy Sara "Sway" Wayland"(Angelina Jolie), a renegade white-haired mechanic by day, bartender by night, to pull off the biggest mission ever. The only problem is the LAPD G.R.A.B. (Governor's Regional Auto-Theft Bureau). It's on the lookout and Det. Roland Castlebeck(Delroy Lindo) and his partner, Det. Drycoff(Timothy Olyphant) are keeping close eyes on Memphis and his team. Can the team pull this assignment off and collect $200,000 in cash?