Wild Horse Phantom


The Link Daggett gang is sent to prison for the robbery of the Piedmont County Bank, but the bank's money is not recovered, and the ranchers face ruin. Billy Carson, a friend of the ranchers, conceives a plan to recover the money. Daggett and his gang are allowed to escape, and Billy and his pal Fuzzy Jones trail them to the Wild Horse Mine. Daggett is angered and puzzled to find that the money is not where he left it in the mine. Then, a mysterious voice drives Daggett and his gang from the mine. Billy learns that the mine belongs to Ed Garnet, an old miner who fanatically believes it contains fabulous riches. Billy's meeting with Garnet's daughter, Marian, leads him to Walters, the banker who refuses to allow the ranchers more time on their mortgage notes. (The film is set in the 1880s but the PRC stock-footage, used for the prison escape, contains 1940's automobiles, search lights and weapons.)