Teaching Mrs. Tingle


The naive, and very bright Leigh Ann Watson is a senior who is one point from being her class' valedictorian and from getting a scholarship to Harvard. That one thing in her way is her sly History teacher, Mrs. Eve Tingle. Mrs. Tingle is the teacher of a cutthroat class, in which Leigh Ann is getting a "C" for. The school's outcast Luke Churner snatches Tingle's upcoming test answers, and delivers it to Leigh Ann. Mrs. Tingle finds it in Leigh Ann's bag and reports it to the principal, who luckily was not present. That night Leigh Ann, her friend "Jo Lynn" and Luke visit Mrs. Tingle's house to reason and confront her. The conversation ends in a deadly accident. Leigh Ann and her friends clean up the place and carries Mrs. Tingles unconscious body to her bed and ties her up. She wakes up and the 3 students try and compromise, but does Mrs. Tingle just want to loosen them up before her own attack.