Law of the Lash


The Cheyenne Kid (Lash La Rue)leaves his pal "Fuzzy" Jones (Al St. John) at their prospector's shack and rides to town for supplies. On the way in, Cheyenne comes upon a stagecoach which has just been held up. He learns from the victims that, in addition to the mail and money stolen,one of the robbers pocketed three of the passenger's rings. In town, he heads of the general store of Dad Hilton (John Elliott)and finds Hilton's daughter, Jane (Mary Scott) arguing with a customer, Lefty (Lee Roberts), to whom she has refused to sell cartridges. After a fight, Lefty goes to pay for the cartridges and Cheyenne sees three rings fall out of his pocket. Cheyenne learns that lawlessness has terrorized the town and most of the honest citizens are preparing to leave. He also discovers that a man named Decker (Jack O'Shea)is the man behind the outlaws. He returns to the cabin to get "Fuzzy" and the tow begin a campaign to clean up the town.