Yodelin Kid of the Pine Ridge


"Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge" is a (only slightly) revision of "Tumbling Tumbleweeds", Gene Autry's first starring western for Republic in which the story conflict is switched from cattleman-vs. -nesters to cattlemen-vs. -turpentiners, and the story locale is the only instance of the Georgia piney woods being used in a B-western series entry. Aside from those changes, everything else follows the form of the original in which Gene Autry played a "character" named Gene Autry (and not "Himself", since the real Gene Autry was not the son of a Georgia cattleman, his father was not murdered and he was not a rodeo champion) and has a falling out with his father (Charles Middleton) and leaves Georgia for the rodeo circuit, and joins a show owned by Colonel Millhouse (Smiley Burnette, in the only Autry film in which "Millhouse" was not preceded by "Frog". ) The show returns to Autry's hometown where local badman Lew Parker (LeRoy Mason) is still stirring up trouble between the cattlemen, who want the land for grazing, and the Turpentiners who make a hard-scrabble living off of the pine trees. Before Gene can put an end to Parker's cattle-rustling and tree-burning activities, Parker has the elder Autry murdered and also the head of the Turpentiners, Bayliss Baynum (Russell Simpson), the father of Gene's sweetheart Millie Baynum (Betty Bronson), and Gene is jailed for the killing of Baynum. Come to think of it, there is one other slight difference between the two films; the original version had the Sons of the Pioneers and this one has The Tennessee Ramblers, who were light-years removed from the music style of the Pioneers.