Superman II


A group of terrorists seize the Eiffel Tower & threaten Paris with a hydrogen bomb if the French government does not meet their demands. Superman(Christopher Reeve) immediately heads to Paris, where he launches the elevator carrying the bomb into outer space before it can detonate. Unfortunately, when the bomb explodes, it disintegrates the 'Phantom Zone', where 3 Kryptonian criminals had been imprisoned years before by Jor-El. Immediately, the 3 criminals, led by the psychopathic General Zod(Terence Stamp), head to Earth with the intention of enslaving the people Superman protects. The Man of Steel, however, is unaware of their arrival, and is forced to sacrifice his powers for a life with Lois Lane(Margot Kidder). When he finds out about Zod & his companions, Superman returns to the Fortress of Solitude to regain his powers and confront the horrible Kryptonian criminals - on his terms. Can Superman defeat the 3 villains who are armed with identical powers to his own?