Down with Love


"Down with love? Just eat some chocolate, forget the man, and take control of your own life." The time is the swinging 60's, and the world is being turned upside-down by the hit bestseller, "Down with Love", which preaches to women that they don't need men to be happy. Playboy journalist Catcher Block is suddenly unable to pursue his many love affairs. Furious, he goes undercover to prove that the book's author, Barbara Novak, can fall in love. But Barbara has plans of her own, and pretty soon her best friend and publicist and Catcher's boss are all wrapped up in the romantic entanglements. Will Catcher succeed in humiliating Barbara in the eyes of the world? Will Barbara's publicist sniff out the truth before she can find her own happy ending? Or will Barbara finally fall "down with love" and take everybody else down with her? Whatever happens, nothing will ever be the same in this hilarious sex farce of mistaken identities, hidden agendas and, most of all, rollicking romance.