World War Z


In Philadelphia, the former UN Investigator Gerry Lane, his wife Karin and their two daughters, Rachel and Constance, are trapped in the traffic jam. Out of the blue, they witness several car crashes caused by the attack of hordes of zombies. Gerry runs with his family and he steals and drives a RV, heading to Newark, New Jersey. Gerry calls his old friend, UN Secretary General Thierry Umutoni, who promises to send a helicopter on the next morning to rescue Gerry and his family. Gerry stops at a supermarket to get supplies and medicine for his asthmatic daughter and the RV is stolen. They flee to an apartment building and a Latin family helps them, lodging the family in their apartment. On the next morning, Gerry invites the family to go with them to the roof, but they prefer to stay in their apartment. However they are attacked by zombies and the boy Tommy joins Gerry and his family in their runaway. The helicopter brings them to an aircraft carrier anchored offshore New York City and Gerry is assigned to travel to South Korea with the virologist Dr. Andrew Fassbach to seek out the patient zero to develop a vaccine. When the team arrives at the base, they are attacked by zombies and Fassbach panics and has a fatal accident. Gerry has a conversation with an insane ex-CIA agent that is imprisoned and he goes to Jerusalem to talk to the Director of Mossad Jurgen Warmbrunn to learn why he built a wall and transformed the city in a safe zone. When Jerusalem is attacked by a horde of zombies, Gerry observes that the zombies do not attack terminally ill persons. Now he travels with his escort Segen to a research facility in Wales to disclose his findings to the scientists.