Hay Foot


Because he has a photographic eye and an elephant's memory, "Dodo" Doubleday, has risen from the rank of Private to Top Sergeant in less than twenty-four hours. And, in doing so, he has gained the perplexed admiration of Colonel Barkley, the favorable notice of the Colonel's beautiful daughter, Betty, and the enmity of the company's rival pistol champions, Sergeants Ames and Cobb. While Doubleday's knowledge of firearms shows up Ames and Cobb as a pair of dunces, he is secretly afraid of guns. At target practice, much to the enjoyment of Ames and Cobb, Doubleday proves himself a real dodo, almost massacring the company troopers by his wild shots. Ordered to do all of his future shooting in the woods, he comes upon a peaceful picnic being hosted by Betty and her father. Through a series of freak shots, which breaks up the picnic, he finds himself now regarded as a sharpshooting whiz, although he still can't shoot a fish in a rain barrel. This further angers Ames and Cobb. They vow to expose Doubleday by any manner...fair of foul.