Hero of Babylon


When the high-born Nippur returns to Babylon following a long stay in Persia, he rescues slave-girl Tamira from the soldiers of the evil usurper, Balthazar. Nippur then pays a courtesy visit to Balthazar's court where he meets the high-priestess Ura who has ambitions to become queen and who casts a lustful eye on this new visitor. Later, shocked by the cruelty of Balthazar's reign and influenced by a group of rebels, Nippur interrupts a fiery sacrifice of virgins. Forced to flee Babylon, Nippur -- wounded by an arrow in the back -- is restored to health by the forces of the Persian king, Cyrus, who are marching toward Babylon. Nippur slips back into Babylon where he's captured and chained to a wall inside a dungeon. Using his great strength, Nippur breaks free, rescues Tamira before she can be sacrificed, and engages Balthazar in a to-the-death sword fight. The Persian army now arrives and Cyrus, before returning home, sees to it that Nippur sits on the throne of Babylon with the faithful Tamira by his side.