The Way We Were


This classic film starts out with Katie and Hubbell meeting up after 20 years. There is a flashback showing you that they went to the same college and that they came from two different worlds. Kattie worked her way through as a speaker trying to show the world that there can be peace that we need to change ourselves and to help others in need. Hubbell on the other hand was a athlete who could do everything. But when Hubbell published a small book he then joined the military and went off to fight for his country. After 20 years fate throws them together again where he needs a place to sleep and she ends up making them both dinner the next night and then they become each other's best friend and soon their serious boy/girl friend. As Katie tries to push Hubbell to be his best and to write another book he then meets up with his old friend JJ. While Kattie is fine where she is, Hubbell wants to go to Hollywood and become a screen writer and they start to make a movie. But along the way a new surprise comes,(you will have to watch to find out). Causing a rift between them, that soon turns into a giant hole no one can repair. They drift apart but as time passes they meet again she is married and he is with another girl. It all worked out for the best they agreed and went their separate ways but not without saying goodbye.