Clear and Present Danger


When an American businessman who is a good friend of the President's(Donald Moffat) is killed along with his entire family which appear to be the work of a Colombian Drug Cartel. The President tells his National Security Adviser, James Cutter(Harris Yulin), that he wants him to start a Black Op against the Colombians. At the same time the President orders every agency to find out why his friend was killed. CIA Deputy Director James Greer,asks his protege, Jack Ryan(Harrison Ford), to fill in for him. Jack finds himself working with Robert Ritter(Henry Czerny) (whom Greer has told him him not to trust)and Ritter is the very person Cutter has asked to handle the operation. Jack eventually finds out that the dead businessman may have been involved with the Colombians and may have been embezzling from them. When Ritter puts the plan into operation, the Colombians are wondering who is after them. So, the Cartel's intelligence man "Felix Cortez(Joaquim de Almeida)" tries to find out, while he is--at the same time-- plotting to assassinate Ernesto Escobedo(Miguel Sandoval) (the head of the cartel) and take over the entire operation. When a CIA secretary, who had been seen with Cortez in D.C.turns up dead, Ryan becomes convinced that there is a three-way conspiracy afoot which might extend all the way to the White House.