Rolling Down the Great Divide

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U.S. Marshal Lee Powell (Lee Powell)comes to the office of Sheriff Snowden (Jack Holmes), searching for a short-wave station being used by a band of rustlers. The sheriff is trying to keep the ranchers from making trouble for Lem Bartlett (John Elliott) who has allowed them to graze their horses, intended for sale to the government, and it is from Bartlett's ranch the rustlers are operating. Deputy Marshal Bill Boyd (Bill 'Cowboy Rambler' Boyd) and Art Davis (Art Davis)encounter a covered wagon with Roger Martin (Ted Adams)and Hank Dale (Jack Ingram)who tell them they use their mobile-recording wagon to record cowboy songs. After the two lawmen ride off, Hank and Roger get a message over their short-wave radio set from Joe Duncan (Glenn Strange), cafe-owner and leader of the rustlers, telling them to raid a hundred head of horses off of Bartlett's land that night. With the help of Rita (Wanda McKay), who works at the cafe, the three marshals, with triangulation aid, finally put an end to the rustling.